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From acceptance of a fixed price quotation we can normally be on site within 7 days and will work within agreed dates. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your requirements and most suitable order method.  

Budget Price

·         Length & Height of Partitions

·         Fire Rating Required

·         Acoustic Rating Required

·         Thermal rating Required

·         Partition Line Accessible By Scissor Lift

Fixed Price Quotation

·         Sent Via Email

·         Fire Rating Required

·         Acoustic Rating Required

·         Thermal Rating Required

·         Partition Line Accessible By Scissor Lift?

·         What Is Head Of Partition To Be fixed To?

·         Wind Loading Requirements?

·         Photos / Drawings of Desired LxH Partition?

·         Type Of Finish Required?

We offer the following types of finishes: Industrial / Industrial Painted / Smooth / Smooth Painted


No Obligation Site Survey


We provide a free on-site survey to assist with system selection and also provide a fixed design supply and installation quotation whilst answering any queries that you may have. please call us or email to discuss.

Site Survey & FPQ


·         We arrange to carry out a site survey where we will attain all necessary information to provide a Fixed Price Quotation FPQ).

Partitions and Fixtures

… For Bespoke Cases

As part of the sub division of portal / industrial buildings PJS Solutions also carries out the following services (again please call us or email to discuss) :

·         Roller Shutter Doors

·         Personnel Doors

·         Fire Doors

·         Office Partitions & Ceilings

·         Mezzanine Floors

·         Racking

·         And more….


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