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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can send by email as much information as possible (please supply your phone number); ideally including plan & elevation drawings, any photographs or a basic outline sketch etc with a brief summary of your requirements: fire rating & acoustic requirements etc, then we can use this information to write a quotation, if we need a further information then we will phone for further verification.

Normally we turn around a quotation within one or two working days which will be subject to a site survey.

In most cases yes, unless such information as AutoCAD drawings has been provided.

We will introduce security mesh to the system or introduce robust metal sections at the lower part of the wall to stop any intruders breaking through the wall.

Yes, every system is structurally engineered and the wind loadings affecting the location of the project are taken into account so that any system will never fail regardless of extreme wind pressures.

For the “AC” and “FS” partition systems normally we can be on the site within seven working days from placement of order. For our “CP” composite panel systems normally its four to six working weeks.

PJS Solutions design, install and commission very High Fire Rated and Acoustic Partitions throughout the United Kingdom and select worldwide destinations. 

The deflection head detail is required because all buildings are subject to pressures which can mean that the roof will move either up or down IE if there has been great snowfall meaning that the roof will be subject to extreme weight loading or when the wind is extremely high and large roller shutter doors are open then the wind can produce very high pressure within the building which has the effect of lifting the roof, up therefore the deflection needs to be both up and down and this is normally calculated by structural engineers as to how much deflection is required.

At PJS Solutions we can provide solutions for deflection heads up to+/- 200mm of movement which is quite exceptional.

Due to the multitude of scenarios at which various width partitions at various heights can be attached to the roof either to the portal rafter frame, running across the roof purlins or running parallel to the roof purlins, we have hundreds of solutions for deflection head details which will accommodate the partitions.

There are too many deflection head details to list on this website so please either call or email with your inquiry and we can provide you with the solution that best fits your requirements.